Just about 4 hours ago, I moved out of the college residence hall, officially ending my first year of college. It feels so weird that I won’t be walking into the hallway I am so used to looked at everyday (this happens when your door faces the hallway). I have mixed feeling right now… while I am glad to be done with school, I am kind of sad that I won’t see all the wonderful people I met for at least two and a half month.

So anyway, packing. Since I am leaving for Italy next Wednesday, I thought it would be a good idea to pack things I need in Florence into a suitcase while I pack all my stuff in order to move out of dorm. Easier said than done. I never actually realized how much stuff I managed to bring to my room at the beginning of freshmen year, and how much stuff I managed to hide so well that I forgot their existence until I started cleaning out. Considering the small amount of space in the room, I was pretty impressed when my desk was surrounded with all these boxes and bags, and I couldn’t use my computer sitting down (the chair kind of got buried).

My plan was to bring two suitcases, a small one that can be stored inside the large one. So I can have just one piece of luggage going to Europe, and if I get carry away buying souvenir, I will have one extra luggage to carry them. All sounds good, until I started to put things into the small suitcase. Being small and all that, it doesn’t really carry much, as I discovered. I put in a couple of shirts/T-shirts/shorts/pants/ socks/underwear/towels, and the suitcase was pretty much filled. I haven’t even started with other stuff that I am thinking about taking. So I will be packing and unpacking for the next few days…



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  1. 中間那好像四個盒子的是啥xd

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