After 3 days of booking my hotel in Fez, Morocco without receiving any kind of confirmation, I was getting nervous. So yesterday I wrote an email to the hotel, email address of which somehow has multiple versions, in French. Now, I don’t speak French, let alone writing anything in French. I had to use Google Translate to change the few sentences I was writing into French, translate that back to English to check for accuracy, then put it in the email. Well, I must wrote something the hotel owner or whoever I sent the email to understands, since I got an email back, in French, asking something like”we would like to honor your request, but what kind of room would you like?” It could totally be something completely different from what Google Translate was telling me, but hopefully I will get to live some place when I get to Fez.

Today was a regular day. We had class this morning, discussing our projects, previous excursions, and weekend adventures. Running out of groceries, I went to the market to get fruits and vegetables. I found out that every time I go to a new place, I go under this phase where I have trouble buying food from local market, since I keep thinking that stuff there is too expansive compare to wherever I live before. Well, to be honest, stuff in Florence is more expansive, but I did manage to start buying food that I feel is reasonable at European price. Lunch today was a sandwich from a local shop that included ham, tomato, lettuce, sun-dried tomato, black olives, ricotta cheese, and pesto sauce. It was different from Subway, but very tasty as well.

In the afternoon we went to Fiesole, a town very close to Florence founded by the Etruscans (remember these people from history textbooks?). Today the town has very well-preserved remains of the Etruscan civilization. The town is also a lot higher than the city of Florence, and we found ourselves looking at this panoramic view of Firenze (if you look closely at the picture below you can see the Duomo).

The town itself only took 20 minutes to get to using Florence’s city bus. After climbing to the top of a hill to see the view, we went to the Civic/Archeological Museum, where a whole Roman theater and a museum could be found. As my professor pointed out, the Romans were very good at picking locations for their theaters, which usually have a nice view behind the performance area (if the performance’s bad, at least the view is still decent).

The museum, though not very large, contained quite a few pots, many of them looked like those in the Disney movie Hercules. There was also a set of skeleton inside that supposedly belong to a man existed sometime near 100 A.D. Lesson of the day: if your bones are found 2000 years after your death, you get to stay in a museum and have pictures taken by everyone with a camera. It was quite impressive how they could even estimate the height of the person when he’s alive using only the size of some of his bones.

Before we took the bus back down to Florence, a few of us decided to form a “M” in the Roman theater, which wasn’t really successful and the picture turned out more like a “W”. Oh well, we tried.


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