David & Night Out

I really didn’t plan on going to see him, since it costs money and there’s a replica of it in front of the town hall of Florence. But my roommate convinced me, and I stand corrected. Michaelangelo is a genius, and seeing the real David in the Accademia Gallery was well worth the 10 euros I paid for admission and the 15 minutes wait outside the gallery. He is gigantic (every single part of him), he’s 17 feet tall, and his right hand is a little out of proportion. Some said Michaelangelo was trying to show that with God’s power, even a smaller person such as David could defeat evil. Nevertheless, it’s amazing to think that what’s now David used to be a piece of marble that many artists regarded as flawed and not appropriate for curving.

Other than David and a pretty large collection of paintings (most of them having Christian-related titles), there was also an exhibit of music instruments. It was really cool to see the collection of cellos, early version of pianos, harpsichords, and wind instruments owned by the Medicis. The exhibit also reminded me that I haven’t played piano in quite a while and I am missing it. I guess I just have to deal with it, since I don’t think I will be anywhere near a piano for the next 7 weeks or so.

My failure of the day: using public phones. I was going to call the place I am staying in Rome to confirm some details, and since I don’t have a cellphone, I went out to find public phones. They weren’t that hard to find, and I didn’t have that much trouble working it. The only part that was a problem, was that whenever I dialed the number and pressed the “OK” button as instructed, the machine just hung up and spited out my coins. I gave up after 5 tries or so.

At 10 pm, a lot of the people on the program decided to go out for drinks. We first went to a bar (yes, the kind in American sense) and it was full of Americans. Everyone got shots or some kind of drink. Well, call me lame, because I got lemon soda. I did have a few sips of what other people ordered, and was very contented with my glass of lemony goodness. Then, quite a few people decided to go to this other bar that apparently has karaoke, while some other people including me decided to stay just a little longer and then go find them. We ended up walking down the street to the bar they said they were going to, squeezed through a bunch of drunk, dancing Americans, and never found them. We tried a couple other bars, and still no signs of them, so we decided to call it a night and walked back to our apartments. Florence looks different, but still beautiful, at night.


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