I woke up today, showered, had breakfast down at the hotel’s restaurant (buffet of different pastries, scrambled egg, jam, and orange juice), and was picked up by someone from ALIF. We walked to ALIF, which is actually an affiliate of the American Center in Fez, and I was left in the garden to wait for my host-family. The place was full of Americans and Moroccans studying Arabic or English. I sat there for quite a while before the housing coordinator of the place finally told me to follow him upstairs to meet my host-mother. She looked at like really nice lady at first look, wearing a head scarf and looked like any other Moroccan lady. She doesn’t speak English, but we kept smiling at each other. After the paperwork and some questions, we walked out into the streets to find a taxi that would take us to the medina, where the host-family’s home is and where I will be living for the next 6 weeks.

Taxi in Morocco is interesting in the fact that you actually share a ride with other people. We got on a taxi with someone already sitting inside, and we got off before her at a square with fountain. My host-mom pointed out that I will be taking a taxi there to get to ALIF every day I have class. Then we started walking into the maze-like medina. After going down a slope, turn right, turn left, turn right, turn left, turn right, walk past a doorway, turn left again, and through a door, we arrived at her home (at least that’s what I think we went through).

At ALIF, I was told that she has 4 children, and I met all of them by the end of the day, all boys and all younger than me, 2 of who speaks some English. The other one is pretty young (about 6 or 7 I think) so he probably hasn’t learned it yet, but he keeps smiling at me and bringing me sweet stuff to eat. I have no idea about the last one. I have trouble remembering and pronouncing their names. I also met my host-dad, who doesn’t speak English, but kept telling me to eat at lunch (it was at almost 3 pm, so I didn’t really know if it’s lunch or something else, until we had dinner at 9 pm). As I didn’t know there is Internet connection in the house (I didn’t really expect there to be, and it’s actually not a very strong signal), I spent the afternoon watching TV with two of the younger kids and my host-mom and fell asleep on the couch/sofa in the living room (at least in the American sense I think it’s the living room). Napping is apparently a regular thing, since the other two kids were sleeping too. I woke up to find that my host-mom has put a sheet over me. I think we are going to get along just fine :).


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