One more member to the family

So so far I haven’t really explored around the place, mainly because I am likely to get lost, and I really don’t feel comfortable about that with my extremely limited language ability. Good thing my roommate moved in today. He is from California, and speaks a lot more French and Arabic than me. He also is a Middle Eastern Studies major, which means he’s at exactly the right place. Both in Italy and Morocco, I am really enjoying the look people give me when I told them I am studying biology and I am going to learn about food and Arabic. It might sound silly and a waste of time and money, but I go to college deciding not just to learn about biology, and sometimes you just understand things a lot better when you are experiencing them yourself.

Today I woke up, had breakfast, and managed to told my host-family that I don’t have school today (“school, no no”). I am learning some Arabic that’s quite useful, such as safee (I don’t know how to write in Arabic yet), which means “enough”. This is particularly useful when they continue to give me food even though I am full, or when my youngest little brother keeps trying to play with me, who he has now established to be someone that could be climbed on and tickled (he tried anyway). Success at making relationship I guess.

Friday is a more relax day I guess, as I didn’t see my host-family go out in the morning, but instead they dressed up (in traditional Moroccan cloth) and went somewhere around noon (I am guessing to pray at the mosque). At lunch time, quite a few people (friends if not relatives) came to the house to have lunch with us, which consisted of salad, the eggplant dish, and a plate of chicken cooked in some kind of broth that has coconut in it with fries piled on top.

Just so anyone’s wondering, the usual lunch/dinner would have the center plate and a plate of salad for each person sitting down eating at the time. Sometimes we also share the salad. We have bread to scoop food from the center plate or the eggplant dish, and we use forks for the salad.

The afternoon was spent watching the World Cup, with US v.s. Slovenia. My host-brothers pretty much all supported the US, whether because of me telling them I support for America or otherwise. It was pretty interesting watching TV when all I understood was the country name and the score on the screen. Hopefully I will be able to understand more once class starts.

My roommate arrived in early evening, and thanks to his language ability, we went out to stroll around twice before we came home for dinner. I finally remembered to take my camera the second time we went out at 11 pm (Moroccans are still really active even at late night). The pictures aren’t really that clear with the lighting (none at all in other words). Rest of the night was then spent with me and my roommate teaching and playing cards with the two middle brothers (they loved War).

This is the closest gate into the medina near where I live.


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  1. Grace

    It sounds great that you have a roommate!
    I believe you will learn a lot in this summer

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