Expecting school to start…

Since class does start tomorrow, I went to ALIF to pick up my schedule for the next 6 weeks. Surprise surprise, I found out I was enrolled for Modern Standard Arabic 200 (for people who have already made it through half of the first textbook), instead of the MSA 100 that I am supposed to take. I would definitely be a very good student in 200, with my zero Arabic skill (sarcasm intended). Good thing switching class really isn’t hard at all (me going into the office to get a new schedule and a slip of paper). I also met all the other people from U of M who are on the same session as me that just arrived in Fez. Compare to their stories, my trip from Casablanca to the hotel then to my host-family was a lot smoother than theirs, which apparently involved waiting outside of the airport for a few hours for someone who was no where to be found, sitting in a stranger’s car to get from Casablanca to Fez at 3 am, and paying for a hotel room they only stayed in for 3 hours.

My schedule is the same everyday Monday to Friday. I have class from 8 to 10 am and 2 to 4 pm. 4 hours a day of Arabic should get me pretty far after 6 weeks, but there’s no guarantee since I am learning Modern Standard Arabic, pretty similar to Egyptian Arabic, and a lot different when spoken from Moroccan Arabic (also taught in ALIF).

Afterwards, me, my roommate, and one of my host-brothers walked around the newer part of the town. We had lunch at a place that served us a pizza with minced meat, shrimp, what I think is mushroom, and cheese on top. I gotta say, I was really impressed with the quality of it, even after coming from Italy. We watched the World Cup while we were eating. Poor North Korea…


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