We went to this swimming pool/water park place far off the center of Fez today. It’s pretty popular I think, considering even though it cost us 22 Dh to get to the place, which is a lot for taking the small taxis, there were still a considerable amount of people there at almost 9 am in the morning. Since I didn’t bring my swim shorts with me to Morocco (didn’t think I would need it), I apparently rented one at the changing area (I didn’t really realize when they handed me the pair of shorts, even though it was a little sketchy to wear a pair of shorts pulled from a bag). People wear their boxers inside the swim shorts here in Morocco. Considering I was wearing one from unknown sources, I did the same.

The place has a number of pools of different sizes, two slides, and a couple other things you could find in water parks in the US. In was actually pretty chilly in the morning (both the water and weather). Without realizing that I haven’t swum for years, I jumped into the deeper end of the largest pool, and almost drown and froze to death. (Okay it wasn’t that dramatic, but I almost forgot how to swim.) I stayed in the water for an hour, and went on the grass, shivering and hoping to get some sunlight. It’s a good thing that the weather warmed up pretty quickly, and I was sun-bathing  by around 11 am (actually got a tan, didn’t realize I could).

I guess I got more courage as I get older, because I would have never gone onto the high water slide or the 6-meter platform (where you slide down a short slide and fall directly into the water) when I was younger. Did both today, and decided that I probably won’t go near the 6-meter platform in the near future.

As both my roommate and I still have some homework to finish, we had lunch at the place, and left early with one of our host brothers (three of them were with us today) to go back home. I still yet have to finish my final paper for my Global Seminar to Italy, which actually is somehow harder than I thought. I also will be taking my first Arabic quiz tomorrow, which should be interesting and hopefully will go well…


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  1. Dad


    Be careful!! You should warm up before you jump into water.


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