An Ordinary Day (in Morocco)

Monday again. 8 am class is start to get hard to get up for. The confusing Arabic pronunciation we are learning in class isn’t helping. Now I can finally see why people would say Arabic is hard to learn. There are just so many sounds that either don’t sound that different, or are hard to pronounce. Not saying people shouldn’t learn Arabic or anything (it is a absolutely beautiful language when you write it), but I thought learning English and Norwegian was a lot easier than Arabic. This impression might change after the 6 weeks… hopefully.

So my regular routine as of today: wake up at 7 am, have breakfast, and go take a taxi to school. Class starts at 8 am and goes til 10 am. The break between 10 am to 2 pm is usually spent doing homework or at the cafe across the street. Then it’s class again from 2 to 4 pm. Rest of the day is usually spent watching the World Cup at various locations around the city before my roommate and I head home at around 9 to 11 pm (and our family doesn’t seem to mind this as far as I can tell).

Compared to my ordinary day in Florence, I felt like here involves more sitting around and doing nothing. I also think that Florence is a lot easier to get by than Fez when you don’t speak the language. Italian words are a lot easier to pronounce right from French words (haven’t really tried pronouncing Arabic words yet). I guess I am feeling a little down right now, since I couldn’t communicate with my host-family other than greetings, and I really don’t want to ask my roommate to translate everything. Maybe tomorrow will get better.


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