Hitting the Wall

It’s the feeling you get when you feel like nothing is going well and you just want to give up everything and walk away. I had a really good time in Italy, and I was having a good time in Morocco for the past two weeks or so. But today I just felt like crap and really wanted to go back to place where I am used to.

Today wasn’t particularly a good day. I woke up, went to class, got the second quiz back that could be improved a lot, and was extremely tired. I have no idea why, but throughout the day I just felt like I am going to fall asleep at any moment. But whenever I actually tried to take a nap, I just had trouble falling asleep (the hot weather didn’t help at all). I was also feeling sore muscles, which leads me to suspect that I am catching something, even though I haven’t seen any other symptoms yet. I did have a stomachache just before I wrote this. I realized that I didn’t finish one part of the homework that requires using DVD. My netbook doesn’t have a DVD drive, and the computer lab at ALIF doesn’t open until 9 am in the morning while my first class is at 8 am. And now I can’t think of anything else to write in the blog. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

Update on 7/6: so I wasn’t feeling well last night, and wrote all the negative things above. You know, when you are not feeling well, you will try to find comfort in things that are familiar to you, which are most likely not there in a foreign country, and the negative feelings just pile in. I thought about whether posting this would scare people away from thinking about studying abroad or just travelling in general, and I decided that my blog should reflect what’s really going on with me, not just all the “fun” things I get to do when I am abroad. While going to a different country and see all the different things is an important part of studying abroad, the primary purpose really is study. I have class 4 hours a day and have homework that does take a while to do. If I fail my classes here (I don’t plan on it), that’s going on my transcript. But what I am getting out of my stay here is a lot more than what I can get if I sit in a lecture hall and listen to someone who has been to Morocco talks about it. And I am feeling a lot better today, so no worries :).


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  1. Dad

    Dear Eric,

    Do not put too much pressure on yourself! Relax and enjoy your stay in Fes.


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