I also uploaded a lot of pictures to my Picasa Web Album. I mean sure there are pictures in the blog, but they really offer only a glimpse of my journey. Not that I uploaded every single pictures I have taken online, since the amount of space online doesn’t allow me to do that, but hopefully those in the web albums will provide more details as to my daily lives, excursions, trips, and other stuff.

On a side note, when I was setting up Picasa and it was scanning the pictures in my computer, I realized that even though I was in Italy for only 3 weeks, I have taken a whooping 2400+ pictures. On the other hand, I was in Morocco for 6 weeks, yet I have only taken about 650+ pictures. I guess I must have taken more precaution on taking pictures in Morocco than I thought I did. Well, better safe than sorry. Thanks again for every one of you who has been reading the blog!


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