Welcome!! Benvenuti!! !!مرحبا

Welcome to Firenze and Fès / A Tale of Two Cities, my blog that recorded my summer adventures studying abroad in Florence, Italy and Fez, Morocco for a total of 10 wonderful and eye-opening weeks. To help you navigate the blog, all the entries have been compiled chronologically by the date they were written in The Journey page.

Fun Fact: The cities of Florence and Fez have been bonded as sister cities/twin towns since 1961.

As this blog is part of my follow-on project that I have to complete as a recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, which funded a significant portion of my study abroad, I am also using it to promote studying abroad and the Gilman Scholarship. Please take a look at the Gilman Int’l Scholarship page. If you have any questions regarding applying to the scholarship, my experience abroad, or just studying abroad in general, feel free to leave a message, I will respond most likely within 24 hours.

A little about meأنا إريك

Me in a café in Fès wearing a t-shirt bought in Firenze.

Originally from Taiwan, I am currently a sophomore in college in MN majoring in Plant Biology with Norwegian and Chemistry minors (unusual combination, I know). I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese and English, have some ability to communicate in Norwegian, and I started learning Arabic this summer in Morocco. I love cooking and I am passionate about food (you probably guess this from all the food pictures I take). This study abroad marked the longest period of time that I did not play a piano ever since I started learning it when I was 6.


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  1. Melissa Lopez

    Hello, my name is Melissa Lopez and I am applying to the Gilman Scholarship due March 4th. I just discovered this website. Would you be able to proofread my essay for prompt 1 please?

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