Four Months Later

It is currently 6:24 am in Minnesota, and I am writing because I can’t sleep because I keep thinking back to the amazing times I had this past summer.

Okay that’s a lie, kind of. I haven’t really had a normal sleep schedule (did I ever?) since the beginning of this semester. I am taking a full 20 credits worth of classes, including organic chemistry lab (H) that basically requires spending 20 hours a week in lab doing experiments, biochemistry, physics that is so far the single most disorganized class I have taken three semesters into college, Norwegian III, and band. But I did had an amazing time this past summer and the experiences are very much on my mind, or deep down somewhere being covered by all the science I am learning about. It is usually time like these (when I describe my study abroad experience and how my semester is going) that people start to ask what my major is, and, upon receiving an answer, look at me as if I am joking or losing my mind (which could be true).

By the way, I AM a Plant Biology major with minors in Norwegian and Chemistry (as of now I am anyway).

My roommate who is still in Morocco with the little host-brother in the medina.

Just think, half a year has past when I boarded the plane heading for Amsterdam and later Rome, and four months ago I was at Casablanca boarding another plane heading first to Rome then back to the US. Looking at my life now and my life then, it really is a big contrast. Back home in Taiwan, a lot of people thought that I basically spent a lot of money for pure enjoyment in foreign countries, even though I did try to explain that I was in Italy and Morocco for study (and some traveling). I still miss the times I spent walking around Florence with a cup of gelato in hand; I miss going throughout Tuscany to taste and learn about the local cuisine made from the fresh ingredients readily available; I miss going to the markets in Florence to try to spend minimal amount of money to buy the freshest fruits, vegetable, and other food items there are; I miss my host-family in Morocco very much, especially my little host-brother; I miss the food, in general (I sure could use some chicken tajine with couscous right now); I miss wandering in the old medina and trying to bargain with vendors in Arabic that I just learned in class. I could have a list of things that I miss about Italy and Morocco, and that still won’t be enough to describe why the experience was so awesome.

Right now, as the semester is coming to an end, I am busy preparing for finals, doing experiments, writing papers, while trying to have a life (well, this one pretty much is failing). I am very much looking forward to winter break, when I will be going home to Taiwan and escape the freezing Minnesota weather for a little bit. But until then, I guess I will just have to store all my wonderful memories deep and safe in my mind before I have more time to soak in them again.


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