A Year Later

Hey, one year ago I was in Morocco!!!! So much and yet so little seemed to have passed. My camera is probably deemed un-fixable, my major and minors haven’t changed, and I am still planning on going to Norway next spring. But enough about me. The king of Morocco proposed some constitutional changes that would relinquish some of his powers just two days ago, it would be really interesting to see how these changes would affect Moroccan people’s lives, and how Moroccan people would react to these proposed changes.

As a closing note and to officially say that I won’t be updating this blog anymore, I have to say that compared to last summer, my summer this year is considerably less exotic, as I will be working in a plant biology lab for the rest of the summer starting tomorrow, investigating reproductive isolation and speciation in a genus of flowering plants found in western North America. Not that it doesn’t sound interesting as I actually think it is an interesting topic, but it just doesn’t quite compare to being in a foreign country where nobody understands me. Maybe this summer my mind will be changed yet again, as I am actually quite excited to start going into lab tomorrow.

.المغرب، سوف نلتقي مرة أخرى ، إن شاء الله


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