Weekly Photo Project

Thank you to those of you who have participated in the Weekly Photo Project, which has now been concluded. All the postcards have been sent, hopefully (if not already) will reach you in these couple weeks! All pictures sent to me could now be found in the Picasa Web Album.

When I was writing my Gilman follow-on project proposal, I thought that simply writing a blog is not going to make me stand out as an applicant, so I added this photo project, which would really depends on the participation of people reading this blog (not that many of you, but still, grazie millie!) So here’s how it’s gonna work. Every week I am going to post a few photos with a specific subject in mind. Your job is to find a similar subject at the place you live, the place you have been to, and take a picture of it. Send the picture to me at ericchu15@hotmail.com along with a short short story you have with the picture taken (please title the email as FFATT Photo Project), and I will send you a postcard from wherever I am (well, Italian postal system may be a little unreliable, so those could take a little bit longer). I realize that this means you will have you give me your physical address. I promise I won’t appear in front of your door and cause any kind of disturbances… and if you are still not comfortable with that, you can always give me an address where you can get mail from but not necessary where you live. (Feel free to submit pictures of previous weeks’ topics!)

Week 10: On the Wall…

On the left is the geometric patterns on one of the medersa of the Qaraouyine Mosque, while on the right is a fresco on the wall in one of the rooms of the Vatican Museums. What interesting things (paintings, sculptures, writings, etc.) have you seen to be on walls?

Week 9: World’s Most

The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest desert. Have you been to any of the world’s most?

Week 8: Fountains

On the left is the water fountain on the roof of the hotel we stayed at in Marrakech. On the right is the fountain of Poseidon on Piazza Signoria. What kind of fountains have you seen?

Week 7: Glamorous Restaurants

This is the restaurant we went to for a free lunch at Meknes. Any restaurant you have been particularly impressed with?

Week 6: Doors

This is a common door into a Moroccan home. Got any special-looking (or not) doors?

Week 5: Pictures taken from high above

First look of Morocco from my Alitalia flight into Casablanca. Do you have any pictures taken from an airplane of different places?

Week 4: Post Offices/Mailboxes

This is Vatican City’s post office and mailboxes outside of St. Peter’s Basilica. Where do people go to send mails at where you live?

Week 3: City Halls

This is Palazzo Vecchio, or “Old Palace”, the town hall of Florence. Originally named Palazzo della Signoria (after the Signoria, ruling body of the Republic of Florence), it attracts tourists from all over the world. What does the town hall/city hall of where you live look like?

Week 2: Markets

He is breaking a wheel of parmigiano-reggiano cheese. What special things/food do they sell at your market?

Week 2: Local Specialty

This is kind of similar to the last one. Above is a plate full of Tuscan food. What local special cuisine can people find at your hometown?

Week 1: Interesting signs/slogans abroad

This is a cloth store in Siena, and I have no idea how those two lines relate to things you wear. (Maybe has something to do with the elephant behind….?)

Week 1: McDonald’s

This is one of them in Firenze, Italia. What does the big M look like in your hometown?

This one in Ville-Nouvelle in Fès, Maroc opened just a few days after I got to Morocco.


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